An automotive dealership on a mission

The women in the automotive industry at Simple Car Store aim to simplify the car-buying process for people of all credit situations, equipping them with knowledge and empowering them in their financial and vehicle decisions.

In a world where financial independence seems unattainable and debt appears inevitable, buying a car adds to the headache. Simple Car Store transforms this mindset around money and the ability to own a vehicle, financing people with all types of credit histories and making their aspirations a reality.

Our mission? To uncomplicate the car sales industry and turn it into an enjoyable experience—one of empowerment, education, and ease. 

21st-century Arizona car sales

Let’s be real: As anomalies in a male-dominated industry, we women in automotive are bringing back care and kindness without the complexities. It’s about time we shake things up and make them better, isn’t it?

The way we empower our clients and prospective clients is through education. We set you up with a toolkit full of resources—sort of like a car manual—to build your knowledge. From financial literacy to car maintenance and more, we demystify every aspect of the car-buying process.

All these years, all this industry needed was a female touch. Groundbreaking.

Financing your future—not your past

We envision a world and a local Mesa community where everyone—regardless of their financial past or current circumstances—has the means and opportunity to course correct and get on the path toward financial freedom. 

At Simple Car Store, we offer flexible financing options to get you on the road in your new used car. Our reasonable down payments and personalized monthly payment plans make vehicle ownership possible.  

That’s why we consider ourselves a finance company that just happens to sell cars. And we’re here for the long haul.

Our commitment to car buyers

Purchasing a vehicle is a big deal, so in our mission to transform the way in which people buy cars, we vow to always:

  • Listen to you—our customers and prospective customers—to discover your likes, dislikes, and budget requirements.
  • Equip you with information that empowers educated financial and vehicle decisions.
  • Emphasize simplicity and a straightforward approach. You won’t find intimidation, auto industry lingo, pushy salespeople, or stress here.
  • Cultivate a customized car-buying experience built on integrity and transparency. This is the start of (what we hope is) a long-term relationship.