The experience we create at Simple Car Store is a lot like holding the keys to your own car. In one word: empowering.

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Say Hello To The Future: Car-Buying Made Easy with Simple Car Store

We are not saleswomen: Rather than using the “car saleswoman” label, each of us likes to think of ourselves as financial specialists who happen to sell cars to get people moving.

We empower car buyers: Our objective is straightforward: We aim to place you in the ideal vehicle while ensuring that your car payment aligns comfortably with your budget. Empowering you with a strong financial position within your monthly budget is crucial for your success in the car-buying process.

We empower car buyers: We get people moving by financing their futures, regardless of their credit pasts. We’re here to help you find the right vehicle at the right budget for you.

We eliminate the unnecessary: The traditional car-buying process has a bad rap, and we’re on a mission to revamp it in a way that prioritizes the driver experience from start to finish.

You are the focus: We listen & customize

Our client-centric approach is rooted in learning about you. Through active listening, we uncover your wants, needs, financial considerations, and budget requirements to find you a car that fits your vision for the future. We personalize every touchpoint to get you driving off in your dream car feeling certain about the major purchase you made.

Your past doesn’t matter: We don’t judge

Recovering from a divorce? Are you a novice car shopper? What’s in your rearview mirror stays there. We don’t let your past challenges or inexperience stop us from getting you back on track. All we care about is setting you up for success on the road ahead.

Your understanding is our priority: We communicate clearly and transparently.

Most people need to mentally prepare to go car shopping. And if that isn’t painful enough, they also leave with feelings of buyer’s remorse. Not so with Simple Car Store. Like our name suggestions, we keep it simple, silly (KISS). Pushy salespeople and mounting pressure have no place here. Our transparent, straightforward support leaves no room for questions, doubts, or anxieties—just confidence in the car you drive home in.

How Easy Is Buying Car from Us?

We are dedicated to provide you with the ultimate automobile buying experience. Our dealership is your #1 source for buying a quality pre-owned vehicle.

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The best way to help make your final decision is to test drive your dream car, it lets you experience the thrill of the vehicle for yourself. Our friendly, experienced staff are here to help!