Simple at your (car) service

Simple Car Store sticks around as your trusted companion well after you drive off the lot. No need to search for a car service near me when we offer the convenience of both a dealership and a service department.

While we wish we could fix, maintain, and tune up all the vehicles we find drivers for, we only provide car service to vehicles that qualify under the Arizona Used Car Lemon Law (15-day/500-mile implied warranty, 44-1267 section C). If you’re the purchaser of the vehicle and the warranty is violated, you will be required to pay up to $25 for each of the first two repairs.

Some other rules of the road 

To ensure a seamless car service, please note the following details:

  • We process and charge applicable deductibles at the time of scheduling.
  • We charge a $25 no-show fee if you miss your car service appointment.
  • We do not provide rental or loaner cars.

Ready to get back on the road?

We make it easy for you to schedule your car service appointment. Call us at 480-844-7333 or fill out the form below for one of our team members to contact you via your preferred method. You’ll hear from us within 24–48 hours—we promise.

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