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ATTENTION- At this time we only perform service for vehicles still covered under the 15 day/500 mile Implied Warranty. If your vehicle is out of this time period please contact the warranty company you signed up with at the time of purchase.

For questions on what is covered under the 15 Day/500 Mile Implied Warranty please click here and See 44-1267 section C. You (the purchaser) will have to pay up to $25.00 for each of the first two repairs if the warranty is violated.”

Please note that any deductibles, will be charged at time of scheduling, and any no-shows will be charged a $25 no show policy.

We also do not have loaner cars. Please make arrangements to have someone drop you off for your appointment when we schedule you.

Thank You for your business. We will respond within 24-48 hours to schedule your appointment.

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